For Old Friends!

Well where do I begin.I never liked talking ABOUT myself,always thought  it seemed so modest.

However I am a happy go lucky lady,who”s sole interest here is to make a difference,in the lives to those around me.That means you & you oh ya & you too.

I am a mother of 3 and my youngest (19) is still at home here with me.Thank God most parents can”t wait until their children grow up and leave home.Well not me, I try to keep mine close to home.After all I would never eat if I has no one to cook for,I probably would have been a travelling gypsy if I  had  never became a mother. I know even gypsy”s have a good life.Don”t they?

Well as another attempt in creating a website to try to keep myself busy and still in touch with the reality of my life as I knew it.I will try to keep giving people somewhere to pop into and keep in touch with people that are going down the same path in life. As well as advertise what ever big or small enterprises that I have going on at the point and time in my life.

I used to have such a creative mind and always a big heart. Since my car accident in 2009, my creative business mind and my survival knowledge have left me ,literally left me. But I am still alive which I am so grateful for,and knowing there must be a reason.When  so many of my everyday family & friends  have left us,but I am still here.For awhile after counting all of my losses ,I thought for sure I must be next to die,Now I know that there is still apart of me that did in fact either die or fell into a deep sleep and is still sleeping,But then there is the other side of my brain that is very much alert. My best advice to you my friends , exercise for the brain is just as important if not more so than exercising the body,after all the brain must tell the body what,when,how to move.Online there is a lot of creditable web sites to help wake up the cells www.lumosity.com a good place to start. WordPress also has so many interesting things to help build your own blog site even if its something simple.The free casinos facebook has a lot to choose from,no cost,anything to bring you thinking back to life or simply wake it up.

Most of Our services are FREE,So is most of the work that we do,to help individuals not just filing their documents.We have come across so many not so nice predicments that their lives have gotten into. Especially with family matters and children,Dealing with a lot of homeless adults.Some with larger families,some single adults.Its quiet heart breaking listening to a family tell their stories and all the problems that they have to deal with,and simply just either don”t know mentally how to put their lives back together,or have little or no income coming in at the current time.I personally take pride in dealing with any of the legal matters that are in front of them,but also helping them create a putting their families lives back together plan,It is most rewarding I must say but with the also comes with a lot of expenses.So a donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.There is always expenses that we never bill for.The hours spent searching for the right resources low cost efficient for our clients to have to pay out of pocket.With the generous donations given Is what will continue to aid us in our crusade,Helping, aiding and educating individuals to help themselves is the long term goal here And saving people their money.With no disrepect for the Attorney that charges min.$200.00 an hour or for 15 minutes ,a few signatures signed.True enough their educational cost need to be recovered once their out of school.But not a lot of this generation growing now has the money,or the interest or intelligence. There”s resources out there to take care of almost any situation a person must deal with LEGALLY and more cost efficient than one might realize.They just maybe need A Carly”s Corner Canada adviser to educate them on how to take care of there legal matters and put their lives back on track or point it in a whole new direction. Creating a Business plan by filing our simple forms,or having a little guidance to do it accurately 100% and not have to pay them $5000.00 just for the helping hand.And that”s just to write up a business Plan.i was quoted $5000.00.And who knows if the lender would even be interested in giving you the financial loan after any ways.
Ya know an old friend stopped by the other day to see me,first time she had ever been here to my home,in which i got a mortgage for.Her and I went to college in 1995 together to take a literacy coarse for computers .Windows 95 was our learning too lol. Look how far windows Micrsoft  have come, my my. But at any rate , I completed my 6 month coarse barely ,while she went on to another coarse then another at the  same school for computer knowledge.Two years later she finished. To my barely completing 6 months in school. After all I had 2 small children at home to her one teen age daughter in which was a very good teenager, At any rate I was talking to her over drinks about what I was doing online and how my computer crashed last year and the steps i took to fix it. Well she looked at me as if i was talking in  another language, she really had no clue what i was talking about ,towards the conversation about my computer,I laughed to my self inside and then out load because I realized Ms.Smarty Pants didn”t have the self taught skills or knowledge the little bit of this and a little bit of that,but not for the right reasons and always from a book,from someone else”s mistakes.It truly is better to make a life of making your own mistakes cause they truly will be life”s best lessons, Teaching yourself the knowledge that is of interest to you, not somebody else.

I learned to use my computer as a brain exercise tool and a means of staying helpful to the world that I feel I left behind,people I think i left behind ,Friends that counted on me and my survival tactics,No friends I am still here ,just like you though learning how to be myself again,so i can be that helpful resourceful friend you always could count on no matter what.This is just a new way  I have learned to be able to do just that, Give you the knowledge & resources the bed & breakfast for a night or two. My way of keeping in touch.

Life changes,doesn”t mean you have to change your friends,just know your friends change, But they always change and come back again.

On this site you can select a video to hear music and some for learning tools. Any time you need to be in touch with me or someone you may have met here on this site, your new private meeting place.Somewhere to get advice, learn a receipe ,tell a joke,give somebody a bit of knowledge,share your daily stories, I will be paying for traffic to this site for all of us,so please use it.For your free to post anything that”s on your mind, maybe a date,a job,a place to advertise something for sale or give to charity.

I miss so many of my friends as we all have losses to somehow get over,here is a place where we can mourn together as well as wake up and make up for lost time.

Here”s to finding old friends online

God Bless and hope to see you on the inside.

Yours truly ,Carly Jayne Baart

ps.xo xo xocarla at 15

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